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Unizen Hire Ex-Bittrex Chief of Compliance, to Advance The Bounds of a Regulated CeDeFi Realm

Unizen Hire Ex-Bittrex Chief of Compliance, to Advance The Bounds of a Regulated CeDeFi Realm

In times of high inflation or indeed bear markets, exposure to crypto assets is becoming highly appealing to investors. Cryptos are not subject to inflation in the same way as some of the traditional financial markets, like stocks, and indeed they are not correlated to these markets. Investors can enjoy high returns, and global availability of trading, no matter where they are. 

For these reasons, and of course, the recent listing of a Bitcoin ETF in the US, which saw a remarkable turnover of $1 billion in its first 24 hours, we have seen a huge inflow of institutional funds into digital assets. It’s fair to say that banks and asset managers can no longer ignore crypto assets, indeed their clients are demanding exposure to these markets. Nowadays, many asset managers are recommending an allocation of between 1-5% of a total portfolio to crypto to their clients, and most of the major banks have their own crypto desks.

As we know, cryptos are highly volatile, and many of the platforms they are listed on are unregulated, unlike in TradFi (traditional finance). That’s why, combining the liquidity, and security of centralized finance, with the benefits of digital exchanges seems like a perfect match, in a best of world’s scenario. 

Merging centralized with decentralized finance

Unizen is an ecosystem which merges CeDeFi (combining centralized and decentralized finance), it benefits from deep liquidity that it shares with Binance and Sifchain, and it is working towards full compliance to stringent regulatory requirements, so it may appeal to both the centralized and decentralized communities.

With that in mind, Unizen has on boarded Ex Chief of Compliance at Bittrex,  Dr. iur. Siegfried Herzog, as Head of Compliance. He will navigate both the financial and technological regulatory fields, and liaise with the relevant legislative authorities, and establish a CeDeFi environment that is compatible and mutually appealing for both worlds.

In this way Unizen and its incubator project ZenX Labs, which seeks to promote other protocols in the same field, is uniquely positioned to lead the way towards a symbiotic and somewhat ambitious merger between crypto and the money markets through centralized finance. Recruiting a leading expert in the compliance field, shows the dedication of the protocol to these ambitions.


Who is Siegfried Herzog?

Siegfried Herzog is a leading light within the financial regulation sector. He focuses on data protection, and KYC (Know Your Customer) AML (Anti Money Laundering) and CFT (Combating Financial Terrorism) within both the banking and blockchain sectors. Joining Unizen is a perfect match for both parties, as Unizen works on pushing compliance forwards for both the ecosystem, and for the entire CeDeFi space. Recruiting an eminent expert in this area shows just how seriously Unizen takes this matter.

Comments from the parties

Herzog said,

"I’m excited to join Unizen during these times of heightened regulatory focus, to lead and steer their commitment to security, compliance and risk management as a prerequisite to building a trusted, globally compliant CeDeFi digital ecosystem.”

“I’m confident that I will be able to contribute to Unizen’s vision of driving cryptocurrency adoption by further strengthening the company’s compliance functions, which are necessary to support the impending rapid growth of the business and Unizen’s goal to become fully regulated in all key jurisdictions around the world.”

“The rapidly-evolving regulatory landscape demands that Unizen works collaboratively with regulators to develop and evolve regulatory standards that will ensure compliance and ultimately success of the crypto industry.”

Sean Noga, CEO at said,

“We are very pleased to announce Dr. iur. Siegfried Herzog as our Head of Compliance. Siegfried brings an exceptional level of experience and insight that is vital to Unizen’s focus on strengthening our compliance and risk framework.”

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.